Nature’s Rendezvous is an endeavor to share information and knowledge to connect people and enterprises who wish to work together and contribute to make a positive difference towards building a sustainable** world.

We partner with Mother Nature to build natural ecosystems, to build permaculture retreats for the body and the soul.

** ‘Sustainability’ is a complex word with different people defining and perceiving it individually. Nature’s Rendezvous believes in a deeper meaning of sustainability.

In the words of Geoff Lawton, a world renowned permaculture trainer, designer and a practitioner, “A sustainable system produces more energy than it consumes so that there is enough surplus to maintain and replace that system (and it’s components) over it’s lifetime”.


The website is built with contributions from many like-minded people as we bring in their experiences and knowledge. It will be a perpetual work-in-progress as we learn new things everyday and have more interesting things to share with readers and subscribers. As we keep learning and updating, new pages get added and the existing ones are reshuffled. All, to be able to share as much useful knowledge and interesting facts as we can. To keep updated, one can subscribe to the blog and receive updates when new posts are added. Or one can look out for ‘What’s new?’ section below to know what is new on the website.

Stay tuned for blogs, inspirations, tutorials, write-ups, interviews and much more.



We believe there is always a face behind a name, and though the website of Nature’s Rendezvous is a combined effort of many, the idea was originally conceived by Jyoti. Her profile and a few writings are added in the page. We hope to add profiles of people who contribute to the site, in the respective pages which publish their contributions. 

Our contact details are also on this page.


Permaculture has been the inspiration behind this endeavor. This page has all the information about what is permaculture, who and why of permaculture and information about formal Permaculture education in India and elsewhere in general and a few useful resources.


Chaitraban is the permaculture homestead of Jyoti and it is where she experiments and learns every day of her life. It has transformed from a severly eroded landscape with no top soil, now, to be a paradise where nature dwells in peace. This is where the inspirations come from, to overcome all problems to turn them into solutions! This page also has details about the design of Chaitraban, and a gallery of pictures. Chaitraban is waiting to be shared with like-minded people who wish to share their knowledge and who also wish to learn from others.


The structure of this page is yet being built, with a few random useful posts, for the moment.


Events related to the subject of this website are shared on this page. 


We have added a section dedicated to the quotes, pictures or people that inspire us, in our work, and in our lives!

We welcome you to browse through the pages of the website and encourage you to connect with us with any learnings or ideas about collaboration that you would like to share and which you think might help us to move together, towards an abundant future by working in tandem with the ways of Mother Nature.